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The EmcArts office is located in Harlem, New York City.

EmcArts Inc.   
132 W 121st Street, Suite #3 
New York, NY 10027    
(212) 362-8541    

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Please note that we are having some difficulties with our phone lines. If you're trying to reach us, please email us directly as the first option. Thank you, and we're sorry for the inconvenience!

Louise Brooks | New Pathways Manager

Maura Cuffie | Program Manager   
212-362-8541 x23   
Melissa Dibble | Managing Director    
212-362-8541 x24   

Liz Dreyer | Senior Programs Manager & Process Facilitator    
212-362-8541 x27

Richard Evans | President    
212-362-8541 x28   

Millard (Mitty) Owens | Lead Process Facilitator
212-362-8541 x25

Ben Sachs-Hamilton | Executive Assistant & Business Development Associate
212-362-8541 x36

Ellen Shadburn | Operations Coordinator
212-362-8541 x31

Denise Shu Mei | Communications Manager
212-362-8541 x29

Chikako Yamauchi | Research & Evaluation Manager
212-362-8541 x35