We design and facilitate programs that support individuals, organizations, and communities on their journey to becoming highly adaptive. 

We aim to create the space and conditions for lasting change to occur by focusing on questioning, reflection, and real practice in new approaches. Together, our process frameworks fuel shifts in organizational culture as well as the development of new skills.

Our programs support the development and implementation of mission-centered new strategies by professionally-managed arts and culture organizations of all sizes. The programs vary in scope and duration to meet the needs of our partners, ranging from those that directly incubate specific innovation projects to introductory programs that enable new thinking and build a culture of innovation across local arts and culture communities.


National Programs

The Innovation Labs for Performing Arts, Museums, and Arts Development Agencies take cross-constituent teams through a facilitated process to research ideas, design and prototype new approaches, and launch real-life projects that address major adaptive challenges facing arts and culture organizations. 

For more information about our national programs, contact Liz Dreyer, National Programs Manager, at ldreyer@emcarts.org.


Local and Place-based Programs

New Pathways is a flexible program designed in partnership with local funders to strengthen adaptive leadership within local cultural communities. With program components such as a highly-acclaimed workshop series, participant-led convenings, an innovation incubator, organizational coaching, and systems analysis, each New Pathways initiative is individually tailored to address the needs of specific arts and culture communities. Learn more about New Pathways.

For more information about our local programs, contact Louise Brooks, Manager of Local Programs, at lbrooks@emcarts.org.


Activating Innovation

Through ArtsFwd.org, an online platform for learning and exchange around "next practices" for arts leaders, we aim to create a community and common language about the skills, processes, and behaviors that are integral to creating an adaptive and resilient nonprofit arts and culture field. 

The National Innovation Summit for Arts & Culture brought together arts leaders from around the world for a high-profile event that explored the challenges, discoveries, and achievements of daring to depart from traditional approaches. For four days in October 2013, pioneering arts leaders and funders from 14 communities around the country came together for a non-traditional conference in Denver, Colorado. Simultaneously, a free online event extended the experience to participants around the world through a Virtual Summit that included livestreamed talks and discussions. 

Learn more about Activating Innovation.

For more information about our Activating Innovation initiatives, contact Karina Mangu-Ward, Director of Activating Innovation, at kmangu-ward@emcarts.org.


Just Announced!

Eight new Innovation Lab grantees

We're thrilled to announce participants in two new rounds of our Innovation Labs for the Performing Arts and Arts Development Agencies. Learn more.

Five new services for individual organizations

Due to the demand for our services from individual organizations, we now have five new offerings that range from one-day retreats to extended Innovation Lab opportunities. Learn more.

New Pathways | Alaska

EmcArts, Rasmuson Foundation, the Foraker Group, and the Alaska State Council on the Arts are pleased to announce this program to advance innovation and adaptive change in Alaska's arts and cultural organizations. Learn more.