Services for Single Organizations

Custom workshops and adaptive planning services for organizations

How do single organizations build their adaptive capacities?

In recent years, many organizations have asked us to tailor our national and place-based programs to work with them individually. We've responded by creating four customized programs that have been taken up by many leading organizations in the arts and culture field. These programs engage a variety of organizational stakeholders in an innovation process, and are designed to support nonprofit organizations in growing and testing their adaptive capacity.

Our services range from preliminary exploration and assessment of your organization’s adaptive capacity, to comprehensive adaptive planning processes (the alternative to traditional strategic planning), to virtual training sessions. Due to high demand for these services, we are now accepting inquiries from organizations for 2016.
For inquiries, contact Richard Evans, President.
Preparing to Innovate: On-Site Coaching 
This is a 6-month diagnostic program, with 3 on-site meetings led by an EmcArts coach, that works to explore complex challenges, identify ingrained assumptions, and examine your organization’s adaptive capacity. It is a rigorous platform to bring stakeholders together, unfreeze the status quo, and prepare for innovation. 

Incubating Innovation 
Modeled after our successful Innovation Labs, Incubating Innovation is a 9- to 12-month “deep dive” that uses an action research approach and supports the design and prototyping of a significant organizational innovation in response to an identified complex challenge. A specially constructed Innovation Team, guided by an EmcArts process facilitator, oversees the process and coordinates an intensive retreat. For areas of your organization needing adaptive change, this program takes the place of traditional planning. Incubating Innovation has been proven in practice through all our national Innovation Labs. 

Adaptive Planning 
A combination of Preparing to Innovate and Incubating Innovation, adaptive planning is EmcArts’ response to the continued call for “strategic planning.” The program runs for 18 months and helps organizations identify complex challenges, distinguish adaptive and technical responses, assess current adaptive capacity, and design and prototype a significant organizational innovation. This program is for comprehensive organizational strengthening. 

Roots of Innovation Workshop Series 
A series of 2-hour interactive virtual workshops for single organizations that introduces the fundamentals of adaptive change. Stakeholders will explore complex organizational challenges and build a shared understanding of innovation. This is an essential professional development opportunity to advance new thinking and innovation practices.

The cost of the programs above range from $5,000 to $75,000. Individual organizations are responsible for securing funding to cover the cost of their participation, and we believe that most of your funders and donors will be excited to support you in gaining access to these benefits.