Chikako Yamauchi

Research and Evaluation Manager
A lifetime ago, Chikako Yamauchi was a dancer and an arts administrator. She danced with companies and choreographers including Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre, MOMIX, and Fly-by-Night Dance Theater. As an independent arts administrator she organized and executed projects for Arthur Aviles, Wally Cardona, and was Company Manager for Donna Uchizono Company. Chikako stepped away from dance and arts administration to teach English in Japan, then continued her study of Japanese language and culture through a bachelor’s degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her master’s degree in Pacific Islands Studies is from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. University of Canterbury (New Zealand) conferred her Ph.D. in Art History in 2014. Chikako’s doctoral research focused on five contemporary Oceanic artists who encourage shifts in understanding and transformations in thinking. Her interview methods are informed by Hawaiian “talk story,” Tongan talanoa, Oceanic notions of vā (the space between), and trickster roles in art and life.
Chikako joined the Community Innovation Lab team at EmcArts in 2016 to fill the newly created position of Research and Evaluation Manager, which requires one to both run forward and look backward. Chikako runs forward with her team, incorporating input from community members using SenseMaker®, a new narrative gathering research tool. She pauses to look back through a developmental evaluation lens by holding space for the voices and stories of the Lab participants and creating real-time feedback loops. For Chikako, both research and evaluation are creative practices.

Contact Chikako at or 212-362-8541 x35.

Photo Credit: Sonia Louise Davis, 2016.