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The EmcArts office is located in Harlem, New York City.

EmcArts Inc.   
132 W 121st Street, Suite #3 
New York, NY 10027    
(212) 362-8541    

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Sami Berger | Research & Evaluation Manager   
212-362-8541 x35 

Maura Cuffie | Program Manager   
212-362-8541 x23   
Melissa Dibble | Managing Director    
212-362-8541 x24   

Liz Dreyer | Senior Programs Manager & Process Facilitator    
212-362-8541 x27

Richard Evans | President    
212-362-8541 x28   

Millard (Mitty) Owens | Lead Process Facilitator
212-362-8541 x25

Ben Sachs-Hamilton | External Relations Coordinator
212-362-8541 x36

Ellen Shadburn | Finance & Operations Manager
212-362-8541 x31