Rehearsing Adaptive Change

Single Organization Program to begin practical adaptive work

For organizations ready to embark on a major adaptive initiative, this program is the place to start: 

A series of linked opportunities to embrace community perspectives on adaptive re-imagining of the organization.  First, through an Experimentation Team of internal and external stakeholders gathering for 6 two-hour sessions.  Second, via Network Perspectives sessions that bring new and diverse voices into the conversation.  And finally, through action research – testing multiple responses to a major complex challenge through “small experiments with radical intent” in the community.  Our partner funders are finding this program an excellent capacity-building opportunity for a cohort of select grantees or those receiving GOS.  The program is also useful for single organizations as they prepare to onboard new and returning staff by creating a foundational practice in adaptive change.

2021 cost: $10,000 per organization.
Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

Program Participant Quotes

“We have given ourselves permission to fail. We know we are supported when we try something that might or might not work, and that’s liberating.”

“We have learned through this work that the power of small experiments can lead to larger investigations and experiences. Our adaptive practices are now showing up in operations across the organization.”