Ainsley Quizon

Program Coordinator

Ainsley is the Program Coordinator at EmcArts. This position challenges and pushes her daily to disturb her inner peace in an effort to always strive for better-whether that be in herself, within EmcArts and its programs, or within her community of Winston-Salem.
Her young adulthood was shaped by the arts as she learned their ability, at their best, to level the playing field and give everyone a chance to interpret the world differently. A love of communication emerged from there, and she grew professionally to understand the importance of the hard and necessary work needed to inspire others to welcome new perspectives. She graduated from Lee University with a Communication degree and a minor in Theatre.
Ainsley’s interests include spending time with her family, exercising, sifting through Spotify playlists for new music, ordering the exact same thing at restaurants, and drinking iced coffee even when it’s way too cold outside. 

Contact Ainsley at or at (336) 377-4212 ext. 702.