Liz Dreyer

Lead Process Facilitator
While Liz Dreyer is a classic rock fanatic, she also has a lifetime appreciation of boundary-breaking art in all genres – both high and low. “I love deeply risky work,” she says, and she has devoted her career to creating the "brave space" to make it happen. After attending Oberlin College and subsequently earning her MFA in stage management from Yale University in 1990, she spent 20 years at the Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre, an experimental theatre devoted to exploring form and process. In 1998, she began working in virtual space as well when GSRT established Learning Worlds—a for-profit technology consulting firm focused on helping companies and organizations use digital technology to tell their stories more effectively.

At EmcArts, Liz continues to focus on space—and on the “deeply risky” work of organizational change. As a Lead Process Facilitator, she helps create challenging and flexible environments for organizations to explore innovation and adaptive capacity. She manages, designs, and delivers the Community Innovation Labs and Arts Leaders as Cultural Innovators programs, as well as coaching in the New Pathways programs and helping to organize national convenings.

An acknowledged extrovert, Liz describes herself as a “social learner and networker who complements”  her colleagues. She likes being immersed in multiple aspects of EmcArts’ work—from working with EmcArts' senior leadership on her own program content to acting with others throughout the organization to “make the space for our ideas to come to fruition.” Now in the “second act” of her career, Liz believes she has found the perfect fit. “The thing that’s amazing about being here,” she says, “is how the threads of my life all seem to be coming together.”

Contact Liz at or 917-446-8260.