Louise Brooks

Writer and Researcher
Louise has been involved in community organizing since high school, and brings a strong ethic of social justice and community engagement to her work. Before joining EmcArts in 2013, she worked as the Manager of Community Relations and Volunteer Programs at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. Before that, she worked as a writer, as a counselor in a residential treatment facility, and as a recruiter at a non-profit staffing agency placing people with barriers to employment into jobs.

"Working at the Rubin Museum was really exciting and chaotic in a good way,” she says. “The Museum was a young organization when I arrived, and we were trying new things all the time.”  The experience made her curious not only about the process of innovation, but also about how institutions evolve.  EmcArts, too, has all the bubbling energy and creativity of a start-up, she says, but it also gives her the broader perspective on institutional development she felt she was missing.  It also enables her to study adaptive change in a much more intentional and systematic way.

Her community organizing experience comes in handy at EmcArt where she served as New Pathways Program Manager for four years. She worked with Richard on workshop planning and design, provided logistical oversight in each city, and supported both program facilitators and participants. Louise used to serve as an onsite coach in the New Pathways program, which fell under her docket of program management and coordination. As a coach, she supported organizations in experimenting creatively and changing in sustainable ways.

 “I play a connector role,” she says, “by keeping communication going among participants between events and connecting local programs to other EmcArts platforms, including ArtsFwd. And I love facilitating connections, especially when it means building relationships with people who are deeply engaged with the real challenges of the day.”  Today, Louise continues to work with EmcArts as a writer and researcher.

Louise also keeps close connections to artistic practice, maintaining her own art studio in Brooklyn where she paints in oils on paper.

Contact Louise at lbrooks@emcarts.org.