Melissa Dibble

Managing Director
Except for her first job, Melissa Dibble has always found herself in newly created positions, and she acknowledges she is most comfortable starting from scratch, building functional frameworks to support conceptual ideas. “I like to work without a road map,” she says. A company builder who likes asking questions, Melissa is happiest when she can “hear about an idea, improvise around it, and build a structure to support it.”

When she graduated from Boston University in 1990 with a degree in flute performance, Melissa decided not to pursue a performance career. Instead, she spearheaded community programs at the Pittsburgh Symphony and the St. Louis Symphony. Although she was pleased to be working in what she calls “the most entrepreneurial and innovative areas” of orchestras, she soon became restless. By the time she joined EmcArts in 2002, she was ready to leave her formal institutional environment for one that was “smaller and more flexible.”

At EmcArts, Melissa cultivates flexibility, maintaining a non-hierarchical, interactive environment where a team of big thinkers can flourish. As Managing Director, she is at the center of everything EmcArts does. She is a lead facilitator for EmcArts programs; serves as the primary liaison with the Board; and oversees all management functions, including finances, resource management, and personnel. Working in close partnership with Richard Evans, she is deeply engaged in strategy development, helping to “build the structure around his creative vision.”

Melissa’s fascination with process goes beyond her work. She loves to travel (without a road map), and over the past ten years, she also has become more involved in cooking and growing things—from cultivating herbs on her front stoop to building creative menus from her farm share—a natural extension of her nurturing work at EmcArts.

Contact Melissa at or 212-362-8541 x24.