New Digital Programs

Webinar Series for individuals of any affiliation New Pathways to Resilience

A great way for nonprofit leaders to rapidly engage about adaptive change in response to complex challenges, and proven ways to succeed in adaptive work. Our partners are using this 4-part Series as a cost-effective way to test the waters for more in-depth programs.

Interactive Digital Workshop Series to introduce adaptive change Building Adaptive Capacity

The 10 two-hour Workshops engage a cohort of arts or community organizations in strengthening the ‘muscles’ needed for adaptive re-imagining, beyond immediate relief support. This program is best suited for cohorts of 10 to 15 organizational teams to maximize collective learning and accountability’ and could include a combination of arts and social-sector organizations.

Single Organization Program to begin practical adaptive work Rehearsing Adaptive Change

For organizations ready to embark on a major adaptive initiative, this program is the place to start: A series of linked opportunities to embrace community perspectives on adaptive re-imagining of the organization. First, through an Experimentation Team of internal and external stakeholders gathering for 6 two-hour sessions. Second, via Network Perspectives sessions that bring new and diverse voices into the conversation. And finally, through action research – testing multiple responses to a major complex challenge through “small experiments with radical intent” in the community.

Practical training for the next wave of nonprofit leaders Adaptive Leadership Courses

Serious professional development is hard to find in the nonprofit sector, outside of technical training. Yet the demands on the next generation of organizational and program leaders are unprecedented.

Practical training program in facilitating adaptive change Adaptive Facilitator Training

Local capacity for adaptive process facilitation can be advanced by training experienced consultants to lead adaptive processes, and by involving them directly in either local or (potentially) geographically distant EmcArts programs. The aim is to create a network of skilled adaptive facilitators available to the field throughout both countries, who can take forward the distinctive methods and practices that support adaptive re-imagining across the whole nonprofit sector, democratizing access to these services.